Super Heroine Inspirational Look Poll #1

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2 thoughts on “Super Heroine Inspirational Look Poll #1”

  1. Found your website through Sugarpill and have to say I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve seen all sorts of “makeup inspired” blogs, anime, cartoons, Disney, but never comics! Now will you just be doing Marvel/X-men styles or do you think that you’d ever delve into, say DC? Don’t get me wrong, the X-men will always be my fave, I just thought I’d ask. 😉 Anyway, keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you so much!! 😀

      Yeah I read LOTS of different comics so I will definitely be doing lots of looks from Marvel, DC, Top Cow, etc! In fact, I just did a Green Lantern look tonight that I will be posting up this weekend! I wasn’t able to shoot a video (the battery was super low in my camera) but I did take some pretty pics!

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