Make Up Haul #1

Picked up some things recently while I was out and about! I thought I’d share them with you 🙂

Cremé or Red Cherry Lashes #409, $3.99

I saw these lashes and just KNEW I had to get them!. Purple and Black, so they kind of match my hair 😛 And they will also be making an appearance in a look I have planned ;).



Make Up For Ever’s HD Primer in #2, $32.00

It’s called Mauve which is weird because it’s more of a lilac color. The primer in this color is meant to help even out sallow skin tones or olive skin tones (which I have). I wanted to try it out because I notice that sometimes I can come off looking very olive in some photos and I wanted a little more balance with my skin tone. It goes on very smooth and does do it’s job of making me a little less olive. It’s light weight and has a light consistency, it’s not heavy at all or thick which is nice if you don’t like a lot of layers on your face.

E.L.F. Blush in Pink Passion, $3.99

These blushes were so hard to get to show up accurate! I got them as close as I could to the real thing. This blush is a really pretty bright/vibrant pink. It’s also pretty pigmented. I’m a fan of E.L.F.’s blushes because of the price, color pay off, and ease of blending. I would definitely recommend this one.

E.L.F. Blush in Fushia Fushion, $3.99

I looove this blush! It has gold glitter sparkles in it and a really nice rose pink hue.  The glitter also stays on pretty well after I swatched it, and I didn’t have much fall out. It went on very smooth and it had a great pigment.

Fushia Fushion next to Pink Passion

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