Geek Chic Cosmetics Review: Win or Die Collection!

The lovely ladies (and gent) over at Geek Chic Cosmetics held a contest a few weeks ago where they took make up look entries from fans of their brand. I had never tried any of their product, nor had I ever entered my looks in a make up contest, so I was pleasantly surprised that I had won a sample set of their new Win or Die loose eyeshadow collection based on Game of Thrones! (I love that show! I haven’t read the books yet :P). For those of you unfamiliar with this Indie brand, they have collections (eyeshadows, lipsticks, etc) named and based off of geekery from all genres. Very cool! Their prices are also VERY good and affordable, and they offer sample sizes that hold 1 gram of product that goes a long way which is a great way to test drive! 😀

Seeing how I hadn’t tried their products yet, I felt it would be a good time to test drive them via arm swatches (using Urban Decay’s Primer Potion underneath) and review them for you. I haven’t worn them yet, so I couldn’t give you the details on the staying power, but I’d like to tell you how they were via swatching them (and they are so gorgeous in person!). Let me know if for future product reviews you want my opinion before the pictures or after them!

*Disclaimer: These products were given to me as a contest prize. I did not pay for them. I was not paid to review them or paid to try them. I am doing this as a service to all my readers out of the kindness of my black little heart ;).

This is a picture heavy post! Pictures will have the ability to click and enlarge so you can get a REALLY good look at the product!


First, the review of the eyeshadows!

Across the Narrow Sea: Reminds me of the color of the Aegean Sea in Greece (Yep, I’ve been, it’s GORGEOUS!) This eyeshadow is a lustre duo shade that is a deep turquoise blue that reflects sea green. It blends well and the more sheer it is, the more sea green it appears. Blends well and is very pigmented.

The Imp: Lustre warm gold with hints of fine red glitter and a slight touch of copper. Blends well and is very pigmented.

Born in Fire: Lustre amethyst purple with hints of fine red glitter. Blends well and is very pigmented.

Kingslayer: Creamy white-gold that is a frost duo shade (looks white until you blend and shines gold). Reminds me of Ben Nye Lumier Luxe Powder in Iced Gold except that it’s smoother, more blendable, a bit more opaque, is a frost, and shines warm gold. Very pigmented.

Brotherhood of Crows: Gorgeous black lustre finish with fine bits of glitter. Very blendable and pigmented.

The Spider: Matte pink/lavender. Blends okay and balls up slightly. It’s pretty pigmented. (the sparkles you see in the pics is from the other shadows >.<)

Sellsword: Matte, milk chocolate, brown.  Blends okay and balls up slightly. It’s pretty pigmented. (the sparkles you see in the pics is from the other shadows >.<)

The Pointy End: Bronzed antique gold lustre. Similar to MAC Greasepaint stick in French Quarter (if blended out and less black) from the Venomous Villains collection. Very blendable and pigmented.

My Likes: I like the shinies 😛 I do like that the samples came in a clamshell container instead of a ziplock bag. Makes it easy to get at the product. I like that they gave me a decent amount of product for a sample and that a little bit of the product goes a long way and I can get more than a handful of uses out of them. I also like that they put product names and ingredients on their labels and let you know what can and can’t be used on the lips and what and what doesn’t contain metal alloys.

My Dislikes: The clamshell container the samples came in. You have to be very careful opening them because you can potentially get your product everywhere. It also “poofs” out some product when you close the lid. So be careful opening and closing it and do it slowly and carefully.

And the pics!

The business card that was placed inside.


4 thoughts on “Geek Chic Cosmetics Review: Win or Die Collection!”

    1. They are really pretty! I’m looking forward to using them 😀

      And thank you! I think it’s really important to have nice clear photos when it comes to make up so people get a good look at the product and the make up work (on make up looks). I know on some of my arm swatches things might be a little out of focus because I’m holding a professional camera and trying to angle it and distance it from my arm to get it in focus lol.

    1. I honestly don’t know! I’ve never used any of Fyrinnae’s make up (mostly because their website is almost always down >.<). But at first glance, I would say no. Kingslayer is like an off white that turns gold when blended out, if not kept opaque. The color in the link you posted looks much darker than Kingslayer. 🙂

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