Beautylish “The Beauty Social” And New Sugarpill Cosmetics Products!

Hey everyone!

I was fortunate enough to attend The Beauty Social held by Beautylish this past weekend. It was a ton of fun meeting new people, trying new things out, and networking! I did take pictures with some folks and I even got to take pictures and sample the new Sugarpill eyeshadows (as well as to FINALLY get to meet the wonderful Amy (and Yume from Ninja Sovereign too since she was helping out at the booth!! GEEKGIRLSFTW<3)!  5 new pressed eyeshadows and a whopping 22 new eyelashes!!!! (Strips AND Individuals!)

Because I have an upcoming collaboration this week to post (and the fact that I am totally wiped out!), I will try to get up swatches and photos of the new Sugarpill products as soon as I can this week. And let me tell you, I had instant favorites! You will love them! Other photos I took at the event, I will add to my Facebook page, so make sure you go and like it so you can see them! 🙂

Stay Tuned True Believers!



5 thoughts on “Beautylish “The Beauty Social” And New Sugarpill Cosmetics Products!”

  1. OMFFG!! You just made my day! I’m dying to know what’s new in Sugarpill’s products! Wannaknoooooooow!
    ^^ Have a good day Dawn! And thank you for all your looks, you’re such inspirational and i come everyday just in case you published something!
    xoxo from France!

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