New Sugarpill Cosmetics Products! Pics and Swatches!

Amy and Yume working the Sugarpill Booth while Mynxii did makeovers!

I had a total blast this weekend at the Beautylish Beauty Social! While I was there I FINALLY got to meet the wonderful Amy who is the owner and creator of Sugarpill Cosmetics. I am glad to say she is now my friend and one of the most awesome people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting 🙂

Amy and I!

While I was there chilling at her booth I was able to take a peek at 5 new Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows as well as 4 out of 22 new eyelashes! Check out the pics after the cut! 

New Individual Eyelashes!!
Rainbow Individual Lashes!

I got SUPER excited when I saw the rainbow individual lashes! You know how many fun things you can do with these?!

Blue Rhinestone Individual Lashes

These blue rhinestone individual lashes were really cute!

1 of 22 new eyeslashes!
2 of 22 new eyelashes!

They only had these two eyelash strips on display out of the ton of new eyelashes come out.

Okay, and the SUPER fun stuff! The new, and currently unnamed, eyeshadows!!

4 out of the 5 new eyeshadows!

These are VERY pigmented and very blendable! The red (which has lots of sparkle) was my FAVORITE out of the bunch followed by the minty green (which was frosty). The pink is very similar to Dollipop, but actually has sparkle and DOES NOT stain!  I can’t wait to get my hands on these! The frosty turquoise was also really pretty.

Lilac/White Duochrome!

This lilac/white duochrome shade was REALLY pretty too. You can’t tell in the pan, but when you swatch it it turns into this pretty iridescent lilac. Great for under brow highlight and inner corner highlights!

Swatches using NO primer of any kind! They were that pigmented! 🙂 Look at the red!

I didn’t have any primer on my hand when I swatched these. The red, minty green (on the far left), and pink went on VERY easily. The turquoise (which was similar to the mint green, but had a touch more blue in it and wasn’t as frosty) went on pretty well too, but the lilac/white duochrome I had to put on a few times to get it to show up. Mind you, I didn’t have a primer on my hand (and my hand is on the tan side lol) so if I had I think it may have had better payoff  without having to swatch a few times to get it to show up how I wanted. It was hard to capture the iridescence on my camera but believe me it is there! This would be an amazing highlighter shade for under the brow and the inner corners!

The red had LOTS of sparkle to it as did the pink. And the minty green was so minty and frosty I almost expected to feel cold come from it!! 😀

One more pic at a slightly different angle! 🙂

There was also 3 packs of the loose eyeshadows as well, which I believe were released around the holidays last year, so I didn’t take a photo of those. The loose eyeshadow 3 packs were released as an X-Mas special in the Netherlands last year. So they are bringing them to the US for EVERYONE this time! (Will see if I can salvage some kind of photo of them from the photos I took 🙂 )                      

The 3 pack of loose eyeshadows! This is the only pic I got of them that I could salvage >.<

They weren’t selling any products down there, so some girl(s) chose to go with the 5 finger discount >.< (Shame on you!!)

I hope you enjoyed the sneek peek! These new products will be out before X-Mas at Sugarpill’s Online Store .


24 thoughts on “New Sugarpill Cosmetics Products! Pics and Swatches!”

  1. oh my god, those rainbow lashes are freakin’ adorable!! I cannot wait for those to be released, I am definitely considering purchasing!

  2. ..ok those eye shadows are amazing… and that pic of you and amy is amazing…. just all around amazing post. and thanks for the heads up with the new eye shadows. starting to save money now LOL!

  3. Oh my goodness!! The sparkly red WILL BE MINE. I swear it. It will!!!! And those lashes?! Amazing. I am so jealous you got to meet Amy. I am I jealous I wasn’t there so I could meet YOU. :’-(

  4. Some girls stole some products? That’s completely ridiculous.

    I asked about the three packs of loose eyeshadows, those are new and coming up in the next couple of months 🙂

    I was at the event and am writing about the new loose eyeshadows/pressed eyeshadows too, is it okay if I link to your feature of the eyelashes? I didn’t look very hard and didn’t realize that they had new ones!

    1. Isn’t it though? :/

      I asked and was told that I guess a holiday or two ago they had released 3 packs of loose shadows so I figured they were a re-promote.

      If you could link to the article, that would be even better 🙂

      1. Hmm that’s weird, I asked Yume, who was working behind the counter about when the three packs were coming out and she said a couple of months because they had to make the labels for the packaging.

        I just did a quick google search and the trio shows up on some of Sugarpill’s reseller sites. I didn’t find a mention of them before that though

    2. The trios are only available to international wholesale now. You may see the trio’s pop up online here and there since some of the wholesellers have them, but we don’t sell them on our website just yet.

      A lot of the products we had for display are awaiting final packaging, etc before we launch. The new colors are expected to launch soon due to the same reasons.

      I hope that clears everything up!

  5. Ahh that strawberry red and lilac will be mine! I can’t believe people actually stole from them! Although I wish they were selling haha I was willing to wait. Goodness…

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