I’ve been “crowned’ QueenMakeupBee on makeupbee.com!

Storm! Queen of Wakanda (And the weather! lol) Emma Frost! The White Queen!

I have been honored by Tiomi of makeupbee.com to be given the title of QueenMakeupBee for the beginning of November! I was like “OMG!!!!” lol. There have been some amazing previous QueenMakeupBees who I’ve had the honor of becoming friends with (Ronnie, Meredith, and Kassie <3) who are also very talented ladies! I’m so flattered that makeupbee considered me worthy of this as their community has a tremendous amount of very talented people. I’ve come across some astounding looks on there and people with some serious skill and talent. It’s really a great community to be a part of. Everyone is incredibly supportive of one another, it really fosters creativity and individuality and it’s a great place to go to to feel inspired and to have your work be recognized.

Here’s my interview with Tiomi:

Our first featured QueenMakeupbee for November is Dawnielle.  This beauty blogger from  California is an avid comic book reader, anime watcher, and video game player. She has a great love for make up and her blog is a place where fellow fangirls/geeks/nerds could come to and share their love for make up and beauty. She is the creative mind behind the fun and creative blog, Make Up By Siryn!

 In addition, she also loves to design, create and wear costumes, which compliments her love for makeup.  Her blog is a wonderful place to visit for cool interpretations of fun comic book characters. We love her on makeupbee.com because of her awesome looks, makeup creativity, active participation in and support for other Makeupbees in our community.

 Find her on Makeupbee at: https://www.themakeupbee.com/user_Dawnielle-B_1168

Find her on her blog at: http://makeupbysiryn.com/

Find her on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/MakeUpBySiryn

Find her on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/#!/MakeUpBySiryn

We interviewed her to find out more about her and her blog:

 What is your favorite makeup trick?

 My favorite make up trick would probably be using scotch tape along the outer edge of my eye to create a sharp line when I apply eyeshadow. I just put it on my hand a few times to take some of the stickiness off and then apply it so it doesn’t pull too hard on my skin when I pull it off.

 How do you find inspiration for your looks?

 Super Hero Comic books. That’s my biggest inspiration. I look at the characters, their costume colors, their powers and my brain just kind of pulls them all together into a look. Some are harder than others to translate over, but that’s part of the fun, the challenge!

What is your favorite Makeup Brand and Why?

 I have so many favorites so it’s hard to just choose one! If I had to say what brand I reach for the most, it would probably be Sugarpill Cosmetics. The colors are very bright and pigmented and the eyeshadows blend so nicely. The colors are perfect for doing comic book related looks because of how many colors that are used in a super hero based comic as well as anime and video games. They just go hand in hand for me.

 Why should another makeup lover join Makeupbee? 

 It is a wonderful community of really talented people. It’s very artistic and creative and it’s been a very positive place for me where I feel the things I do have been very accepted. It makes me feel really good about what I do and I think everyone is a great support system for one another.


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