Beautylish Beauty Social Goodie Bag!

The goodies before I took them out of their boxes and packaging.

I’ve been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO behind in posting this but I just didn’t have time until now. This is what was given to us (yes! for free!) that attended the Beautylish Beauty Social.  A tote bag filled with all kinds of beauty goodies, and some of them pretty darn expensive goodies too! (I price checked everything using Sephora and other sites and my mouth fell open that they could give us some things that are over $80 + dollars!

Anyway, here are the close up shots of the things we got in the bag. (I’ll not be doing a review on them all. Sorry!) I took out the samples of things and only showed full size/travel size (the Wella Professional products) products.

So out of ALL of this, I’ve only used the Wella Professionals Shampoo and Conditioner  for color treated hair that is fine and normal (My hair is color treated and it is fine and lemme tell you, this shampoo….it’s AWESOME!! I went out and got the full size products of this. It left my hair VERY soft and manageable.), the Kate Somerville Exfolikate 2.0 oz (which is an $85.00 exfoliating scrub that I was terrified to open and use  because of the price haha! I would NEVER be able to afford to buy it or the Murad stuff they gave us.), the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara (which I actually really like as the brush is small and coats and separates very nicely on those bottom lashes, the Cover FX powder (It’s okay. It didn’t leave me chalky or anything, but for me it’s hard to really tell if a powder is bad or not, unless it would leave me chalky), the Elastiderm eye cream (it left my lids soft and I think did help refresh them a bit), the Benefit moisturizer (I used once, it smells nice, but I don’t really have an opinion on it really), the Benefit Watts Up (it goes on cream, dries to a powder and is a nice highlighter for the brow or on top of the cheek bones), and the Tatcha blotting papers (..omg if you want to be freaked out by how much oil is on your face, use these lol. Mine was clear after I blotted and I was like “OMG! EW!” lol. Then again I have combination skin that gets pretty oily in some spots).


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