Makeupbee’s Holiday Party Look Competition!!

Hey all!

I’d really like to do another giveaway for you all, but I can’t unless you try to help me win the Makeupbee Competition! I’ve posted a few links below to different looks I have entered in it and I can’t win without your help! I also don’t have the funds to do another giveaway, so this was a great opportunity to do something for you guys. There are a 300+ of you following this blog, 509 of you following my Facebook page, and another 294 of you on my Twitter, and if everyone took 5 seconds to go Like my looks, I’d have this in the bag. Please help a girl out so I can do something nice for you too!

Just go to each of the links below and hit the “LIKE” under the pink box with the heart. You will get a prompt to login and if you login with your Facebook page it will take less than 5 seconds for your like to be counted. (The Facebook like button will not count so please use the first “Like” button under the pink box 🙂 )


Entry #1

Dazzler’s Holiday Party

Entry #2


Entry #3


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