Lime Crime Carousel Lipgloss Review

Lime Crime contacted me before the Holidays and asked me if I’d like to try their new Carousel Lipglosses. I had never used their product before (this was asked of me before the Lime Crime/Makeupbee Collaboration) and I don’t own many lip glosses (I’m working on building that!) and went ahead and accepted their offer to try them. They didn’t ask me for a review, but I thought I would review them anyway because I’m sure some of you are curious about the glosses.

I want to be very clear that ALL my reviews are 100% my honest opinion. I will not skew my thoughts about a product, nor add to any gossip floating around about particular companies. I do these reviews to not only learn about a company’s product, but to also help you all out when making your makeup purchases. It’s a learning process for both you and I. Just because I receive free products occasionally does NOT guarantee I will review or even use them (as stated in my disclaimer on the F.A.Q. page). A few of you have asked me about this particular brand on Facebook and on this blog, so I thought I would do a service to my readers and review this product.

With that being said, let’s go on with the review!

Golden Ticket, Loop-de-Loop, Kaleidoscope, Cherry On Top, Candy Apple

Golden Ticket
Golden Ticket
Cherry on Top (Yep, I made a mess lol)
Cherry on Top
Candy Apple
Candy Apple

The Review:

Golden Ticket: Smells like candy, but has a slight tinge of a plastic like smell to it. This was the thinnest of the glosses and went on pretty silky. I can see having to touch this up a few times during wear as it is thinner in consistency. The color is a beautiful warm gold  and would look nice as a highlight if used with a light hand.

Loop-de-Loop: Had a subtle candy smell in comparison to the others. When I pulled out the wand, I found a small-medium sized fiber in my gloss. That was a bit of a turn off. This was one of the thicker glosses due to the glitter as well as sticky, which I don’t mind. I’m going to assume that since the quality was similar to Kaleidoscope, which I wore for hours with no fading and little bleeding. It has gorgeous pink and blue gitter throughout it and wasn’t grainy when i pressed my lips together. It was also opaque.

Kaleidoscope: Had the subtle candy smell as well. The consistency was the same as Loop-de-Loop and lasted for hours with no fading and no need to touch up as frequently. It also wasn’t grainy on the lips and was opaque. It’s also a thicker gloss and sticky, which I didn’t mind. It has turquoise glitter in it and is a nice red based purple, which looks more warm than cool.

Cherry on Top: Had the subtle candy smell as well. The consistency was a bit more sheer than Loop-De-Loop and Kaleidoscope and  would probably last for a few hours without fading. It was semi opaque and also wasn’t grainy. It’s a pretty pink-red color with red glitter. It leans much more on the pink side than Candy Apple.

Candy Apple: Had a subtle candy smell as well. The consistency was the same as Loop-de-Loop and Kaleidoscope and would probably last for a few hours without fading. It also didn’t have much bleeding because of the thickness, but it still bled (like most lipglosses do). It was also opaque and wasn’t grainy. It’s a ruby-red with red glitter. Very pretty! But I had a hard time photographing it’s true color and it kept wanting to show as the same color as Cherry on Top. They are very different in color, as Cherry on Top is brighter and more pink.

Overall Thought: They are fun to play with, the colors are nice and unique. The smell wasn’t consistent with all of them and needs a bit tweeking to keep it nice and fragrant without the plastic after smell., Finding a fiber in Loop-de-Loop makes me think that more quality control needs to be had, but overall, they’re decent for a lipgloss. For the price tag of 16.99 I think it’s a little high, but you do get a fair amount of gloss. Also the packaging is nice and I really liked the style of the tubes, although I wasn’t totally crazy about the brush applicator and I think it could be a touch longer and softer.


14 thoughts on “Lime Crime Carousel Lipgloss Review”

    1. Thanks Cecilie!

      They are really fun to play with. I felt sad every time I had to wipe one off so I could swipe the next lol. Cherry on Top is really pretty, and it actually surprised me because I wouldn’t think I’d like a bright pink like that. (It was wreaking havoc with my camera lol..both reds were. Very difficult to photograph with my bad lighting situation >.<)

      1. I can understand that it was hard wiping off those beauties! X) Oooo maybe I’ll get Cherry on top next time, because normally I’m not that into bright pinks myself! It’s always hard making the colors look the same in pictures as they are in reality, but I think your final result came out great! I can definitely see the difference in the two reds, so don’t worry about that! 😉

  1. I had a question, do you experience any “migration” with the lipglosses? I’ve read a few people who’ve said that they’ve had issues with the lipglosses traveling in towards their inner lip and I was wondering if you’ve experienced the same!

  2. I really want the loop de loop soooooo bad.!!! But it’s not on limecrime… Do anyone know where I can purchase it or something very very close to it.!!! …

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