Wolfsbane Inspired Look (Ver.1, Women of X-Factor Series Pt.1) Collaboration with Illamasqua and artist Sara Richard!

Hey True Believers!

So today, I bring you a look based off of Wolfsbane from her days in X-Factor (2nd team). She’s a mutant that turns into a wolf or wolf hybrids, Scottish, and very religious (more so when she was younger than she is now). There was a period where she was stuck in her half human, half wolf form and I really liked the way she looked (as it was the only time she could have long hair, otherwise, her hair doesn’t grow and stays pretty short/cropped to her head).

The wonderful people at Illamasqua were kind enough to send me some products to try out and review (the review will be in a separate post to keep this post moderately short) and I knew I wanted to do a Wolfsbane inspired look out of them. So this look consists mainly of the 7 products that were sent to me and the help of a few others that were bought and purchased with my own money with the exception of the lashes which were given to me by Sugarpill.

Around this time, my friend Sara Richard, who is an amazingly talented and wonderful artist/illustrator, contacted me about doing a collaboration. So I figured I’d combine the two into one post! She took the makeup I did on myself, and applied it to an illustration of Wolfsbane! It’s just simply gorgeous! We’ve decided we will DEFINITELY be doing more of these collaborations as this one came out so gorgeous! Her part of the collaboration is after my makeup photos!

(Note: After I had taken the initial close up eye photos, I decided to add some of Sugarpill’s Flamepoint to the brow to make them more auburn. So that is why the full face photos eyebrow color differs 🙂 Also, my makeup on this blog are not based on the drawings of the characters. The drawings are a point of reference for folks who are unfamiliar with the characters. I base ALL my looks off of the character personality, powers, physical apperance, and costume (or some combination of the afore mentioned) )

I hope you all enjoy!

And here is Sara’s illustration of Wolfsbane using my makeup! 😀

Wolfsbane Portrait. Artist: Sara Richard (http://www.sararichard.com/) Makeup: Me (Dawnielle Banks/Dawn/Siryn)

Products Used:


Face Primer: Make Up For Ever HD Primer #2

Foundation: Make Up For Every HD Foundation #153.

Blush: Illamasqua Cream Blusher in Betray.*

Powder: Make Up Forever HD Powder.

Cheek and Nose Highlight: Sugarpill Cosmetics Pressed Eyeshadow in Tako.

Contouring: Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Disobey.*


Eyeshadow Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance (Original).

Inner Corner Eyeshadow: Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Static.*

Lid Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 Eyeshadow in Sin.

Outer Lid Eyshadow: Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Fervent* (applied wet in the point and dry towards the lid) blended into the lid shadow with a bit of Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 Eyshadow in Hustle in the outer corner of the eyelid (not in the point) for depth.

Crease Eyeshadow : Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Fervent* (applied dry) with a bit of Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 Eyeshadow in Hustle to slightly darken.

Above Crease Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 Eyeshadow in Buck.

Browbone: Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 Eyeshadow in Virgin.

Lower Lashline Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 Eyeshadow in Hustle with Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Fervent* (applied dry) on top.

Eyeliner: Illamasqua Precision Ink in Havoc.*

Waterline: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Whiskey with Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 Eyeshadow in Hustle patted on top to set.

Mascara: Make Up For Ever’s Smoky Lash Mascara.

Eyebrows: Anastasia Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown/Brunette with Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow in Flamepoint on top (Full face photos).

Lashes: Sugarpill Cosmetic Eyelashes called Saint.


Lipliner: Nyx Lipliner Pencil in Currant.

Lipstick: Illamasqua Lipstick in Growl.*

Lipgloss: Illamasqua Intense Lipgloss in Hermetic.* (in the center of the lips only)

*All starred items were provided by Illamasqua.


20 thoughts on “Wolfsbane Inspired Look (Ver.1, Women of X-Factor Series Pt.1) Collaboration with Illamasqua and artist Sara Richard!”

  1. Simply gorgeous and very wearable everyday also. Your friend is extremely talented. I can’t wait for more collaborations. :O)

    1. Thank you!

      98% of my looks are “wearable” (That term is becoming something I don’t like!)! You just have to have the confidence and the ability to not care about what others think! You be you!

      And yes she is. 🙂

      1. haha I think that they mean the comic book picture at the beginning really doesn’t show any type of makeup and you did a really good interpretation? That was just my take on it lol.

        I love the look, it’s pretty wearable [IMO]

      2. Well…most comic book characters dont wear makeup lol. I dont do recreations. I do looks based on characters that i was inspired by. I think people keep getting confused about this. I’m not sure why as I’m pretty clear in how I come up with my ideas lol.

        The photos I post of the characters is for a point of reference for people who arent familiar with them.

        And thank you! Everything is “wearable” if you want it to be!

  2. Wpw, you’ve done something absolutely magical here with neutrals, which is something I find exceptionally difficult to do! This is stunning! I’m also pretty obsessed with your friend’s picture. It’s gorgeous as well.

  3. I’ve always wanted some Illamasqua products but I haven’t bought any due to the cost/shipping. I think I’m going to have to break down and get the ones I want. They are amazing and your look is beautiful!

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