Just a Note Regarding MAC Cosmetics

Hey True Believers!

It’s come to my attention that MAC Cosmetics is no longer 100% cruelty free as they’ve (Estee Lauder who owns MAC) moved their testing facilities to China, which sometimes requires animal testing to be done. 

Blog posts/articles related to this:




With that being said, I will no longer be purchasing or accepting any new MAC products from this point forward. I will use what I currently have (as I’m pretty sure it was all from before this decision they’ve made), but after that, no more. This is a cruelty free blog and I won’t be using products from companies that do animal testing. I try to be conscious of what companies do and don’t do animal testing to the best of my ability. 



10 thoughts on “Just a Note Regarding MAC Cosmetics”

    1. Yeah I saw the one you posted. 😦 I’ll use the rest of what I have, as it wasn’t before this testing situation, but no more after it’s all gone 😦

  1. Good on you! I rather recently decided to be as cruelty-free as possible and went through the painful decision to suspend buying MAC, too. I do plan to B2M, though, for their products that are *otherwise* vegan, because they won’t get any more of my money until Estee Lauder (or China?) decides animals are more important than $$$.

    1. I’ve been cruelty free since day one, but wanted to let it be known how I felt about MAC since I do use their makeup on this blog and wanted to let people know it was makeup that was purchased BEFORE they decided to “occasionally” do animal testing in China. *eye roll* I really hope they re-consider.

  2. This is so annoying wanted to make a few MAC purchases next week! Confused as to whether that means makeup in UK/Ireland comes from China or another facility that doesn’t test on animals??

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