Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism Review!

Hey True Believers!

A few months ago (I know, I am SO behind on product reviews!) Illamasqua was kind enough to send me products from their Human Fundamentalism collection. Of course I was thrilled as I love Illamasqua’s campaigns, artistry, and products. I was especially excited about Apocalips (you’ll see why soon 😉 ) and Au Skin Base Foundation!

And on with the review!

(This is a pic heavy post!)

*All products were sent to me from Illamasqua (With the exception of Apocalips and Au which I bought with my own money). I was not paid to do this review, nor asked to do a review.

Lipstick in Apocalips
Lipstick in Apocalips
Lipstick in Apocalips (Applied as is w/nothing underneath)
Intense Lipgloss in Fierce
Intense Lipgloss in Fierce
Intense Lipgloss in Fierce
Intense Lipgloss in Fierce (Applied as is w/nothing underneath)
Skin Base Foundation in Au
Skin Base Foundation in Au
Skin Base Foundation in Au
Skin Base Foundation in Au (Both in natural light at different angles.)
Eyeshadow in Sex
Eyeshadow in Sex
Eyeshadow in Pivot
Eyeshadow in Pivot
Eyeshadow in Can Can
Eyeshadow in Can Can
Eyeshadow in Burst
Eyeshadow in Burst
(From Left to Right): Sex, Pivot, Can Can, and Burst. Applied w/o primer.

The Review:

Lipstick in Apocalips ($24.60 on, not available at Sephora): 

  • Illamasqua’s Description:  TEAL, MATT FINISH, This formulation provides immediate intense pay off from the initial stroke and it can also be applied lightly as a lip stain that wears all day. Apply with an Angled Eye Liner Brush for a super sharp cupid’s bow.
  • My Thoughs: The color is a gorgeous teal that swings more on the green side than blue and would look great on cool skin tones. This is one of their more creamier matte lipsticks that my lips didn’t feel dry under. The coverage is pretty opaque and pigmented (minus my bad swatching, I was in a hurry >.<) and could easily be applied with a lip brush. I didn’t experience any tugging when I put it on straight from the tube. I didn’t test its lasting capabilities, so I don’t know if it can stand up to the all day wear claim. Like most lipsticks, I’m sure you’ll have to reapply at least once. If your lips are more on the dry side, I would recommend priming your lips with a lip balm first. I didn’t notice any particular fragrance on this lipstick.  (I looked forward to this one the most, the fact that it’s called Apocalips, and there’s a mutant named Apocalypse with teal lips was “uncanny”. ;P)
Intense Lipgloss in Fierce ($20.63 on, $20.00 from and selected Sephora stores): 
  • Illamasqua’s Description: BRIGHT BLUE PURPLE, This formulation provides a bold wash of colour and gloss effect, perfect for creating statement lips. The high level of pigment, allows for application without lipstick as a base. Create lips that look full and glossy, without feeling sticky with this “liquid lipstick”.
  • My Thoughts: The color is more of a pinky purple than a blue purple. Like they claim, this is not a sticky gloss at all. It has a candy like smell to it that is subtle and not strong. This is the first Illamasqua lipgloss that I own that came with a lip brush instead of their slanted tube applicator. The brush that was in mine was rough in one spot and scraped against my lip while I was applying which resulted in the streaks you see in the above photo. It did annoy me a bit while I was trying to get an even application. Hopefully this was just a flaw I got and isn’t going to be on all the lip brushes in the glosses. It wasn’t as opaque a say, Hermetic and was slightly thinner in formula. You may need 2 coats to get it opaque. I think this would look good on warm or cool tone skin. Longevity wise, I think you will probably have to reapply after 2 hours of wear as with most lipglosses. 
Skin Base Foundation in Au Limited Edition ($39.68 on, not available at Sephora):
  • Illamasqua’s Description: METALLIC SHIMMER, Inspired by the cult Asian market Beauty Balm creams, Skin Base Foundation is a brand new, refined formula unlike anything on the UK market. Easily blendable, it effortlessly creates a perfect complexion, and like the entire Illamasqua foundation range, is undetectable in a professional HD environment. Suitable for all skin types, it smooths, softens and conditions your skin whilst providing natural, buildable coverage. 

Skin Base is the ultimate ‘skin realism’ foundation and provides a medium coverage. For a flawless finish Illamasqua recommends to apply Skin Base with the Foundation Brush or Highlighter Brush for buffing and is versatile enough to apply with your fingers. It also works beautifully as a liquid concealer, highlighter and contour.

 Gold is a chemical element with the symbol Au
                * Glisten in the glory of your Golden Goddess Alter Ego
                * Use to create a neutral sculpted and sun-kissed complexion
                * Can be used as a tan neutral blush or bronze effect
                * Beautiful golden caramel highlight for Asian and Black Beauty tones
                * Use it directly on your skin or add it to moisturizer, primer, sunscreen or body lotion to give skin a radiant, healthy appearance.
                * Use as an eyelid base and create a dramatic look with the Neutral Eye Shadow Palette
                * Based upon Skin Base Foundation 11 with added golden shimmer
                * Can be buffed into the skin with Illamasqua highlighting brush and worn under or over Skin Base Foundation
                * Try mixing with your other foundations to add durability and a warm golden shimmer.
  • My Thoughts: It’s a beautiful, shimmery copper color because of the gold sparkle throughout it. It could definitely be used in all the ways they suggest (I didn’t try all of them, but I will!) and it blended out beautifully when I did the arm swatch (which by the way, the inside of my arm is MUCH lighter than my face!) and I didn’t want to remove it for a while because it was so pretty. I tried it on my face, and got more of a dewy finish because of my combination skin. In the oily areas it made me look oilier, so I did a light dusting of HD powder over it to matte it down and surprisingly it didn’t inhibit the gold sparkle. This would be beautiful on normal skin and definitely make you glow. It would be VERY stunning on someone with a dark skin tone The base of this particular shade on their #11 shade which is actually just a smidge darker than my skin tone (I’m thinking I may be a 10 or a 10.5) but this just gave me a slightly more tan complexion. I do like the formula and the gold shimmer. It didn’t feel heavy on my skin which is also a plus. A little goes a long way on this which is probably why they designed the tube the way they did. I do like the squeeze to get a drop design, but it’s a slightly hard plastic which I can see being troublesome when you get down to your last bit. The size of the product isn’t big, but like I said, you don’t need much product to get a good result. It’s VERY pigmented. That arm swatch was just of a small dot of foundation!
Eyeshadow in Sex ($24.60 on, $20.00 at and selected Sephora stores):
  • Illamasqua’s Description: PURE WHITE, MATT FINISH, Highly pigmented, prepare for an intensity that’s not just colour-true but extremely long-lasting.
  • My Thoughts: Exactly as they say, it’s pure white. Extremely pigmented and in my opinion, rivals Sugarpill’s Tako eyeshadow. The first swipe was pretty pigmented and opaque and the second was purely opaque. Very smooth and blendable and not chalky. Because of the pigmentation, I can see this not fading on your eyes for a few hours.
Eyeshadow in Pivot ($24.60 on, $20.00 at and selected Sephora stores):
  • Illamasqua’s Description: YELLOW GREEN, Highly pigmented, prepare for an intensity that’s not just colour-true but extremely long-lasting.
  • My Thoughts: Exactly as they say, it’s yellow green. It’s pretty pigmented as well, but a tad bit more work (but not much) to get it fully opaque depending on what kind of primer you use. It’s close in color to Sugarpill’s Acidberry, but Acidberry is more green and has shimmer. It wasn’t chalky and applied smoothly.
Eyeshadow in Can Can ($24.60 on, $20.00 at and selected Sephora stores):
  • Illamasqua’s Description: BRIGHT LILAC PURPLE, MATT FINISH, Highly pigmented, prepare for an intensity that’s not just colour-true but extremely long-lasting.
  • My Thoughts: Exactly as they say, it’s a bright lilac purple. I had to work to get this to show up on me, which tells me that it’s definitely not as pigmented as Pivot or Sex. It wanted to be applied sheer on me which is good if you want a light wash of color. But if you want a very pigmented application, you will need to pat this on a few times with a dense brush.
Eyeshadow in Burst ($24.60 on, $20.00 at and selected Sephora stores):
  • Illamasqua’s Description: BLUE GREEN, Highly pigmented, prepare for an intensity that’s not just colour-true but extremely long-lasting.
  • My Thoughts: It’s blue-green/teal. It’s super pigmented and buttery texture wise. I really liked working with this color as it’s gorgeous and looks amazing paired with Pivot. I didn’t have to work very hard at all to get this to be opaque or to blend it. 

Here is an applied application of all 4 eyeshadows that can also be seen with the lipgloss Fierce here.


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