IMATS LA and Mini Hiatus!

Hey True Believers!!

IMATS LA is this weekend and I’m super excited!! Mandy will be my guest for the entire weekend (and a little before) so I’ve been super busy cleaning and being domestic! With that being said, I have had NO time to do a look for tomorrow (New Look Wednesday) nor write-up a review for Friday (Review Friday) because of the craziness of trying to get ready for the weekend ahead! 

Things will get back to normal next week!

I will also be doing a post IMATS write-up after the show so keep an eye out for that as well!!!

I hope to see some of you there this weekend! If you see me and Mandy, please stop and say hello! 🙂 We plan on hitting up so many companies booths as the discounts range from 20%-40% off of product!! Some amazing deals are to be had for sure!!

UPDATE: Sugarpill will be selling a limited edition, IMATS LA only eyeshadow!!!!! I love the name (It’s called “@#$%!” lol awesome)!!! Don’t quote me, but it looks just like the red sparkly eyeshadow I reviewed and swatched at The Beauty Social last year! and as you all know, there were a few eyeshadows at the Sugarpill Booth there that haven’t been released yet!



7 thoughts on “IMATS LA and Mini Hiatus!”

  1. I’ll be there on Saturday. :O) Hope you and Mandy have a great time. It will be crowded but fun. I’ve got to put my strategy together by Friday. LOL

  2. I was supposed to be going to the L.A IMATS but am gunna be checking out the Vancouver one instead. Bummed because I won’t get to meet a lot of beauty internetz celebs but I’m still excited. Don’t get mugged of all your beauty loot!

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