The Royal Sidhe! Aos Sí Inspired Look for The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball!

Hey True Believers!

This past weekend I attended the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball that’s held here in LA yearly. I usually go as some sort of fae every year, and this year I chose to go as an Aos Sí! (I love Irish/Gaelic mythology!). I was heavily influenced to do this because of my love of Laurell K. Hamilton’s Merry Gentry series. This was my last year as going as something princessy/foofy/princess foo foo (LOL) and next year I’ll begin to do darker costumes which is more my thing anyway. I have no idea why I went pretty princess for so long. I guess part of me just needed to get it out of my system! 

I wanted to go a little otherworldly with my makeup, and the contacts I feel really pulled it all together. (If you’re wondering, the reason why they don’t sit centered on my eye is because I have astigmatism which means my cornea is curved and so I usually have to special order contacts. BUT if they are circle lenses that have large pupil holes, I can get away with them and still be able to see even though they don’t sit centered.) I wanted my skin to be gold and shimmery and glowy as well. I wanted to do something that looked like I lived in the forest. I also wanted to use a lot of the new makeup I picked up at IMATS LA (post coming soon!) and also use my Fyrinnae eyeshadows since they have the coolest, fantasy based names and are super sparkly and magical themselves! (will review them much much later). The headdress was created by my friend and awesomely supreme costume designer JoEllen Elam aka Lillyxandra. The wig is one piece and was purchased on Ebay. (It’s cool huh?!). 

Anyway, I apologize for not being in costume in these pics, but I wanted to get photos while the makeup was fresh! I’m also wearing a black tank top in case you were wondering why I it looks like I’m in my bra lol. I HAD CLOTHES ON I PROMISE! lol…I hope you like!


(This will be a little pic heavy! )

Me in my costume! Collar constructed by JoEllen Elam, Dress construction by myself and my mother. Other photos can be found here!

Products Used:


Face Primer: Youngblood Cosmetics Mineral Primer

Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation NC40 mixed with Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in Au (Limited Edition).

Blush: MAC Cream Colour Base in Fabulush. (This stuff fades away :()

Powder: Purely Cosmetics Diamond Perfect Finish Powder to set and MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Gold Deposit to add more glow.

Contouring: MAC Magically Cool Liquid Powder in Cajun.

Highlighting: MAC Lustre Drops in Sun Rush.


Eyeshadow Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance (Original).

Inner Corner Eyeshadow: Fyrinnae Eyeshadow in Rapunzel Had Extensions.

Lid Eyeshadow: Fyrinnae Eyeshadow in Dragon’s Wing with Aye, Captain* patted on top.

Crease Eyeshadow: Fyrinnae Eyeshadow in Digital Faerie.

Browbone: Fyrinnae Eyeshadow in Arcane Magic: Electric Stardust.

Lower Lashline: Fyrinnae Eyeshadow in Rapunzel Had Extensions, Dragon’s Wing, Aye, Captain*, and Digital Faerie.

Eyeliner and Triangle Accents: Illamasqua Precision Ink in Havoc.*

Mascara: Make Up For Ever’s Smoky Lash Mascara.

Eyebrows: Nars Eyeshadow in California with Illamasqua Precision Ink in Havoc* used to give definition/shading.

Eyebrow Sealer: Model in a Bottle Long Lasting Eyebrow Sealer.

Upper Lashes: Illamasqua Lashes #23.

Lower Accent Lashes: Sugarpill Lashes in Pixie Bomb trimmed for the outer corners.

Glitter Accents: Lit Cosmetics glitter Mary Jane, metallic/size #2.*

Contacts: Purchased at Pinky Paradise. G & G Max Pure Green lenses.


Lip Liner: NYX Lipliner Pencil in Currant, brought in from the corners to add depth.

Lipstick: Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Romantique.

*Item received courtesy of respective brands. I was not asked to review them, nor paid to use them.

MAC products were purchased before their decision to do sales in China.


4 thoughts on “The Royal Sidhe! Aos Sí Inspired Look for The Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball!”

  1. I think you nailed this perfectly. I’ve enjoyed reading those books, and always love the sidhe. The contacts really do look great. I can’t get over how cool your eyeshadow turned out. You are beautiful!

    1. Thanks lady!
      I really love the books and wish she’d figure out a way to get back to them! (she’s at a roadblock with them right now).

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