e.l.f. Disney Villainous Villains Makeup Book Evil Queen Devious Dramatic Eyes Review!

Hey True Believers!

Welcome to the second makeup review of the month of October! Because October is my favorite month all year, due to all the awesome fall goodness, I wanted to do a special set of reviews for this month, centered around Halloween! e.l.f. teamed up with Disney and came out with 3 limited edition makeup books for sale only at select Walmarts around the country (They can be found in the Halloween aisle with the costumes and what not). Each makeup book centers on an evil villainess; Cruella, The Evil Queen, and Maleficent. This week, I’ll be reviewing the Evil Queen aka Queen Grimhilde makeup book for you!


*This is a pic heavy post!

e.l.f.’s Rundown:

Do you dare to be villainous? Each Limited Edition Disney Villainous Villains Makeup Book is a collectible makeup set that is sure to reflect your gorgeously evil inner diva, featuring the infamous Disney Villains: Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians, Evil Queen from Snow White and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.

Each all-in-one book includes the must-have makeup essentials and a step-by-step guide to create your favorite Disney villain look for both day and night, so you can be beautifully wicked for any occasion.

Each book includes:
8 Eyeshadows
2 Lip & Cheek Color Pencils
1 Eyeshadow Primer
1 Liquid Eyeliner
1 set of False Eyelashes
1 Lash Adhesive Glue
1 Built-in Mirror

My Overall Thoughts:

I didn’t review the primer and eyeliner this time because they were identical to the two that came with the Cruella de Vil makeup book I reviewed last week (Although, the black liner in this book was bad. It was thick and gooey. I’m definitely tossing it out!).

One Bite was actually really pretty and gave off a pretty golden sheen when applied which was a surprise to me. The quality and pigmentation were okay, not terrific, but okay. Vanity is a matte and like in the previous palette, it didn’t have the greatest pigmentation. I had to swatch it a few times to try to get it to show up (I know it’s close to my skin tone, but in person it wasn’t applying that great.) Narcissistic surprised me in that it was an iridescent shade, but it was terrible to apply. It went on very patchy and was a pain to get a nice even swatch or to even show up. Potion had decent pigmentation and applied much easier than the previous 3.

Fairest of the Land was a nice icy white. The texture was nice and the pigmentation was okay. Majesty was a nightmare to swatch. It didn’t want to show up and it took a lot of effort to get a decent swatch as I kept trying to pick up more on the brush so I could get an even swatch. Peddler’s Cloak was also an okay shimmer shade. It had bits of bronze/gold sparkle in it, but to preserve it, you have to pat it on, and not swipe it. The pigmentation was also just okay on this one. Poison Apple was an actually pretty okay matte black. It wasn’t as amazing as Sugarpill’s Bulletproof or Lime Crime’s Lotus Noir, but it was pigmented.

The rose-pink lip & cheek pencil was suitable for either. It had a nice consistency for a lip pencil, but can also be applied to the cheeks by putting it on your finger first and blending it into your cheeks. I did like the color of the pencil! The red lip & cheek pencil was basically the same as the one in the Cruella makeup book. It looked like a dupe actually. It was very pigmented and smooth in application and is great for a lip color. For your cheeks I would apply just a tad to your finger before blending it as it is very pigmented.

The Eyelashes
One Bite, Vanity, Narcissistic
Vanity, Narcissistic, Potion
One Bite, Vanity, Narcissistic, Potion over Lime Crime Primer.
The Primer and Lip & Cheek Color
Fairest of the Land, Majesty, Peddler’s Cloak
Majesty, Peddler’s Cloak, Poison Apple
Fairest of the Land, Majesty, Peddler’s Cloak, Poison Apple over Lime Crime Primer
Liquid Eyeliner and Lip & Cheek Color
Rose Pink Lip & Cheek color, and Red Lip & Cheek color

3 thoughts on “e.l.f. Disney Villainous Villains Makeup Book Evil Queen Devious Dramatic Eyes Review!”

  1. Oh my lords :O!! That is just too awesome! I am from the Netherlands (hello from a usually lurking fan!’. We do have ELF, but we don´t have Walmarts :(.. And I don’t know anyone in the US! Otherwise I would flood them with wishlists :P..

    Keep up the creative and great work! I love your site :D!

    1. Walgreens only had them during Halloween I believe, so I think they’re all gone now 😦

      And thanks for commenting! I know I have a lot of lurkers so it’s always great when you guys comment! 🙂

      Thank you so much! 😀

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