Espionage Cosmetics “Nailed It!” Zombie Killer Nail Wrap Review!

Disclosure: products sent by PR for review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Happy Halloween True Believers!

Today I have a review for you on the Zombie Killer “Nailed It!” nail wraps by Espionage Cosmetics!

Jaimie Cordero, the CEO of Espionage Cosmetics, was very kind to send me a set of their Zombie Killer nail wraps to review (and to match my Halloween outfit!) for you all! If you are attending Stan Lee’s Comikaze this weekend, you can purchase them there at their booth, #1133 as well as their eyeshadow pigments and glitters! Take a look at all the different nail wraps they have here.

They’re also sponsoring the Comikaze Geek Fashion show, in which I’ll be doing makeup on some of the models for using their pigments and nail wraps!

Details on the fashion show can be found here.

And speaking of makeup, come to my panel also at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo called Cosplay Makeup 101 (Friday, November 1st, at 2pm in Room 303AB) where myself, Chrissy Lynn, and Aubriana Zurilgen “The Mad Masker” will be giving you tips and tricks to make your awesome cosplay ASTOUNDING with awesome makeup to take it to the next level!

Now on to the review!

Below is a video tutorial of how to put them on

Here’s how they look when you get them!

The packaging
Instructions on the back.
I love their humor!
This is how they are sealed. I recommend using scissors to carefully cut off an end.

They come in different nail sizes from 10mm to 17.5mm depending on the width of your nails. I ended up using the 10mm to the 14.5mm as they fit my nail beds best. (The 10mm went on my pinky nails and each one up from there went from pinky to thumb nail which was the 14.5mm) . Each one also came with a clear sheet over them to protect the sticker.  This does take some finesse if you have wobbly hands. But if you place it wrong, just carefully lift it off and re-position.

I set with a top coat and let it dry to help keep the longevity of the nail wrap. If you use a top coat, the back end of the wrap will lift off the nail a little, but don’t worry, the wrap won’t go anywhere. My previous use of their nail wraps seen here lasted over a week on my nail with very little damage.

The whole process took me about 10 minutes and the result looked like this:

And how they look on my nails (yes, that is my natural nail under the wrap!). I applied a top coat to make them last longer.

Because the wraps are long, they work well with long or short nails. They easily file off on the edge of your nail and are great for a quick nail look. When you file off the excess wrap, make sure to file downward at an angle towards your palm so you don’t accidentally lift off the wrap at the edge.


  • They are quick to do
  • They’re beginner level for those who love nail art
  • They’re really cute and have lots of designs to choose from
  • They have multiple nail sizes
  • If you mess up the first placement before you press them down firmly, you can gently lift it off and re-position it without it getting damaged and the adhesive will still work.


  • Maybe a little more variety of nail widths could be used. My nail beds are thin in width and some were a bit too wide for them and too small for others. But it’s hard to make every size for everyone. I ended up carefully filing the edges off that touched the skin on the side of my nails.
  • On these, be careful when you apply a top coat. If you press too hard with the brush, you will bleed some red into the white. So apply top coat with a light hand.

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