Melt Cosmetic’s 6six6 Lipstick Review!


Hey True Believers!

I recently purchased my first lipstick from Melt Cosmetics, which is a brand new makeup brand that is ALWAYS sold out of their unique and gorgeous lipsticks. I saw they had 6six6 in stock and ordered it immediately before it could sell out. I had been wanting this particular shade for a while so this was a perfect opportunity for me to review it for you all as well.

Info about Melt Cosmetics:

  • They are cruelty free.
  • They are vegan friendly.
  • They are paraben free.
  • They are gluten free. 
*This was purchased by me with my own funds.


6six62 6six63 6six64

Melt’s Description: Price: $19.00, $7.00 shipping

Welcome to the dark side…It’s better here. (no shade description)

My Thoughts:  Matte darkened red burgundy. When I first opened the tube, I was immediately disappointed in how red and not very dark it looked. On the site the lip swatch is VERY dark and was a blackened burgundy, so needless to say I was pretty unhappy with the false advertisement. It was the reason I decided to review this so I could let you all know.

After exfoliating (which you MUST do when wearing matte lipstick or all your dry patches will be very evident) and moisturing with a lip balm and blotting, I applied the lipstick and was surprised that it was going on darker than what it looked like in the tube. It actually looks more like it does on their model holding the roses on their site than on their lip swatch which is much darker. I do like the color, it is very nice and dark on me, and the lipstick itself is not drying and is very comfortable to wear (I’ve been wearing it for an hour now), but it looks VERY familiar.

Then I realized, it looked identical to Kat Von D’s lipstick in Rosary.

Left: Rosary by Kat von D, Right: 6six6 by Melt Cosmetics

They are basically the same exact color. With this being said, it’s definitely a dupe of Kat von D’s Rosary. I can’t even tell them apart on my hand swatch! So if you can’t get your hands on the Melt lipstick, feel good in knowing you can get a dupe at your local Sephora.


6 thoughts on “Melt Cosmetic’s 6six6 Lipstick Review!”

  1. Bummer that it’s not really all that unique. I have been waiting and watching (pretty much daily) for a few of the other colors to come off back order/sold out-ness. I really want to try some of the more “off the wall” colors like Space Cake, but Summer! looks pretty, too.

  2. Hey, I wanted to order this one, but since you say it’s more on the red side, I’m not sure anymore… It’s so hard to find a truly dark lipstick. Do you know any that is actually as dark as Melt’s 6six6 in advertisement? I’d really like something that goes more towards black than red. Thanks 🙂

    1. I don’t have anything darker at the moment. 😦 But if you want it darker, use a black lip liner and fill in your lips. Then put the lipstick on top.

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