Melt Cosmetics Space Cake, DGAF, By Starlight, and Blow Review!


Hey True Believers!

I’m going to do a review on my mini haul from Melt Cosmetics! I decided to get 4 more lipsticks (eventually I’ll get them all :P) and saw how much my instagram followers wanted reviews on them so here it is!

Info about Melt Cosmetics:

  • They are cruelty free.
  • They are vegan friendly.
  • They are paraben free.
  • They are gluten free.
*This was purchased by me with my own funds.


Space Cake


Space Cake

Melt’s Description: Price: $19.00

1 cup of space dust

2 alien eggs

1 tablespoon of sugar

½ cup of Dana

½ cup of Lora

And a secret spice we would have to kill you if we told you.

Mix all ingredients into a large bowl and get the best grey lip color in the universe.

My Thoughts:  Greyed out light blue. It’s definitely one of the creamiest out of the 5 Melt lipsticks I own so far. After exfoliating and adding a lip balm as a base, it went on pretty smooth and was opaque in a few passes.  




Melt’s Description: Price: $19.00 (Sold Out as of today)

Self explanatory.

This is how you feel when you wear her.

My Thoughts: Royal Blue. Definitely needs a few passes for even coverage. Doesn’t drag as long as you use a lip balm base and blot before applying. Pretty comfortable on the lip.


By Starlight


By Starlight

Melt’s Description:  Price: $19.00

Remember that one time when the love of your life kissed you under the moonlight and you gazed into each other’s eyes and you just knew it was for eternity…

Yeah neither do we.

My Thoughts: Red based purple.  Like the above colors, easy to apply if your lips are properly prepped before hand. It was easy to get even coverage after a few passes.



Melt’s Description: Price: $19.00 (Sold Out as of today)

A bookcase reveals a hidden bar with a password. Inhale.
You step through the door as you lock eyes with a stranger. Exhale.
You take a drag off of what he smokes. Inhale. Hold it. Blow.
This color is a smidgen creamier than the rest. (on purpose! we like it like that!)
My Thoughts: Teal Green. Pretty creamy as they say and applied nicely with proper lips prep. Takes a few passes to get even coverage.

My Overall Thoughts On The Brand:

I feel that none of the 5 colors I own look like what their lip swatches show on their website. The ONLY time they look like that is in low lighting situations. When I was in my bathroom they looked like the swatches on the site. The moment I added camera flash, the actual colors really came out.

With that being said, They are nice, comfortable, creamy matte lipsticks that are non drying and have great wear times, BUT they aren’t the colors on the site in true light situations and will need help from a darker lip liners to achieve the colors you see on their website. It’s disappointing to be sure. The colors you receive are nice and unique,  not what you expect. Yes, I’ll end up getting the other colors at some point, but I will expect to get different shades than what I see I don’t/won’t feel totally slighted in not getting what I thought I  was paying for because of the quality and pigmentation of the lipsticks.


3 thoughts on “Melt Cosmetics Space Cake, DGAF, By Starlight, and Blow Review!”

  1. I’m so glad you reviewed these, I’ve been wanting to pick up Space Cake based on the website swatches, but seeing the difference in the color is disappointing. It’s still nice, just not what I would have expected or wanted. Thanks so much for the review and swatches!

  2. Oddly enough, my Space Cake came out way more grey (and less blue) than yours. My Summer!, though, looks way more orange than I think it does online. I was hoping for that peachy color they show. I also got Darling which I think is fairly accurate on their site, maybe a little more purple. Either way, though, I kind of love them and want to collect them all.

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