The Makeup Show Los Angeles 2014 Review!


Hey True Believers!

This past weekend I had the honor of attending The Makeup Show LA’s blogger preview night! They gave us a nice size goodie bag of products (some that aren’t even available to the public yet!) for us to review for our readers/watchers. I will be doing reviews on those things in the next few weeks!

I also attended Sunday of the show to do some shopping since we couldn’t do that on Friday’s preview night.  This is a great makeup show for professional makeup artists and isn’t open to the general public. I feel as a makeup artist, this show was very convenient and accessible for us to get the products we need at hugely discounted prices.  It’s not so easy for us to do this at huge shows like IMATS that are open to the general public and basically are like a battle to get the things you need and insane crowds (aka it’s the makeup version of SDCC *shudder*). The Makeup Show also offers the ability to listen to key note speakers,  some serious industry talent like Ve Neil, in a smaller setting.

I took a very small amount of photos at the actual show (I would have done most of the pic taking on blogger night when I could focus, but all the vendors weren’t set up and we couldn’t walk the show floor.) but I did take lots of pictures of the Kevin Aucoin exhibit on Friday night since they gave us an early preview of it. He was a big inspiration for me when I first got his books back in high school (Making Faces, Face Forward). If you don’t know who he is, please Google him! He was an incredible makeup artist and very inspirational and a true leader in the industry.

With all that being said, pics are beneath the cut!


4 thoughts on “The Makeup Show Los Angeles 2014 Review!”

  1. I love your comparison of IMATS to Comic Con. It seems completely on point. Kinda why I’m not sure I ever want to go to IMATS.

    1. It’s so true. LOL I’ve gone to both for years and the comparison is accurate. LOL Yes, IMATS crowds aren’t anything compared to SDCC’s chaos and mass destruction, but for a makeup convention, it’s close enough LOL.

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