Espionage Cosmetics “Nailed It!” Nail Wrap Giveaway! *CLOSED*


Hey True Believers!

Today the giveaway sponsored by Espionage Cosmetics for 3 sets of their Nailed It! nail wraps begins!

I visited their booth at Wonder Con and they offered 3 pairs/sets of nail wraps as a giveaway for my blog! I hand picked 3 sets of nail wraps to give away to one lucky follower of my blog! The winner will receive the following:


  • 1 set of Purple & Teal nail wraps
  • 1 set of Harlequin nail wraps
  • 1 set of Tentacle nail wraps.

This giveaway begins today at 12:00am PST and ends Wednesday, May 7th at 12:00am PST. It is open to US residents only! If you enter and you are not in the US, or if you are contacted and do not reply with your name and mailing address within 48hrs, you will be disqualified and a new winner will be chosen.

To enter, please go to the link below:


You MUST do the first 5 requirements/entries on the giveaway app on the link above before you will be qualified for the giveaway (They are MANDATORY to be qualified. If all 5 are not done, then your entries will not count and will be removed. I’ll be reviewing them after the giveaway has ended before the winner is chosen through then the rest of the entry options can be unlocked for more entries to win! Think of it this way, I’m giving you an easy 5 ways to win with 2 additional ways after you’ve done the first 5!

Good luck and may the odds ever be in your favor!


27 thoughts on “Espionage Cosmetics “Nailed It!” Nail Wrap Giveaway! *CLOSED*”

  1. For day time they are a bit much. I would save them for a special occasion or just use 1 or 2 stickers and the rest of the nail with one color

  2. love these, i’m so sad i didn’t get a chance to support their kick-starter. i would wear these and use there bright colors to entertain my son with geeky spirit fingers!

  3. I have a Friday night Geek Night thing with my partner and some friends where we either play tabletop games or video games. These would be perfect for tabletop nights. 😀 So glad I just discovered you!

  4. I’ve only had a WordPress account for a few weeks so sorry for all the spammy goofiness on my part. If I had these, I would wear the Purple to Blue ones to the wedding of my best friend this weekend. Her wedding colors are purple, black, and blue and I think they would match perfectly. Nail wraps save time while allowing you to express yourself so I think they are awesome. Thanks for all the help Siryn. I really was lost on how to participate in this giveaway because of it I found another awesome person to follow on WordPress. ^_^

  5. I love these nail wraps! I picked up the ‘Make It So’ wraps at C2E2, and I can’t wait to wear them to a con!

  6. I absolutely fell in love with the nail wraps when I was given a manicure with some of them at ECCC. (Purple and teal are my favorite gradient colors! I squeed with delight when I saw them.) I would absolutely wear these for halloween, a steampunk gathering, or any con I go to.

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