Wonder Con “Cosplay Makeup 101” Panel Recap!


Hey True Believers!

I totally meant to post this last week, but here it is now! I want to thank all of you who were able to make it out to my Cosplay Makeup 101 panel at Wonder Con this year! It was such a huge turnout and they were turning people away because they couldn’t fit anymore people in our room! It blew me away and I’m so honored and flattered that so many of you really cared about what we had to talk to you about!

Due to the heavy amount of traffic getting to the con, we were a tad bit late to our own panel, but we really appreciate everyone being patient with us! And a big thank you to Mun2 and The Nerdist for interviewing us about our panel! Another big thank you to Arda Wigs for sponsoring us with a wig,  European Body Art for the discount on the airbrush paint, and Pinky Paradise for sponsoring Jessica with lenses. Also a big thank you to Jessica Lynn who let us paint her up and who made her costume for our demo! And also a big thank you to Lauren Elisabeth Photography who took photos for us!

Here’s some pics from the panel and the shoot with Jessica after! We turned her into a World of Warcraft Female Troll based on High Priestess Mar’li. I did the makeup on the eyes and lips (the beauty makeup if you will) and Aubriana and Chrissy did the airbrushing and appliance application. Aubriana also made her tusks.

WonderCon2014-2989 WonderCon2014-2990 WonderCon2014-2995 WonderCon2014-3015 (1) WonderCon2014-3018 WonderCon2014-3036


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