Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Only Lovers Left Alive Scent Review!


 Hey True Believers!

So here’s a review on a company/product that I’ve been extremely into lately! Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! They produce a huge variety of perfume oils in a large array of scents that is bound to appeal to everyone. If you are wary of buying a full 5ml bottle of a scent, they also offer imps (Except for the Only Lovers Left Alive Collection, only 5ml bottles are available.) I own a few of their perfume oils and decided to review two newer ones from their Only Lovers Left Alive collection (You know, that awesome indie vampire film with Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston) in Eve and Ava, the two vampire sisters in the film.

About Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab specializes in formulating intriguing, compelling body and household blends with a dark, romantic, and sexual tone. Our scents run the aesthetic gamut of romance era, Renaissance, Medieval and Victorian formulas, pagan and mythological blends, and horror / Gothic-themed scents. By utilizing our knowledge of homeopathy and aromatherapy, the conceptual theories of hermetic alchemy, and the aesthetic artistry of perfumery, we have mastered the art of encapsulating allegorical ideas into singular olfactory experiences.

We believe in compassionate consumerism, and in giving as much back to the community as we can through charitable contributions, volunteer work, and by supporting fair trade and self-sustaining growers whenever possible. We participate in the Green Power for a Green LA program at work and in our homes, and have participated in fundraisers for many fine organizations, including the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, the Orangutan Foundation UK, AIDS Project Los Angeles, Covenant House, the Red Cross, and the Humane Society.

Animal Testing Policy
With the exception of our honey-based products, everything that comes from BPAL is vegan, and we abhor animal testing. Black Phoenix does not test on animals, and we do not work with companies that utilize animal testing. Black Phoenix is entirely cruelty-free, as our four dogs, many fish, and resident cat will attest. All products are tested on staff, family, and friends.



$30.00 per 5ml bottle. Presented in an amber apothecary glass vial.
Only 350 bottles of each scent from collection were made.

BPAL’s Description: 

Eve is eternal: in three-thousand years, she has likely traveled the length and breadth of the world, immersed in innumerable cultures throughout the ages, observing the ebb and flow of humanity and the imperishability of nature itself. Despite her age, she is the character that seems most rooted, always experiencing each moment with open eyes, always fully present.

Her scent is one that travels through the eons: the Irish moss, yarrow, and hawthorn of the Iron Age Britons, ancient Rome’s omphacium and honey, myrrh and calamus from Egypt, the frankincense and damask roses of the Florentine Renaissance, white sandalwood from the Far East, Moroccan saffron and rose water, and a swirl of incense from the souks.

My Thoughts: It’s a sexy, mysterious scent that takes you back in time. It’s a complex scent that has all of the above mentioned notes, and a very powdery, finish that is light and pleasant with just a touch of the sweetness of honey. If you’re in the mood to be an ancient Egyptian queen, or even an ancient wise vampire, this is the scent for you. It’s definitely a scent for not a girl, but a woman.



$30.00 per 5ml bottle. Presented in an amber apothecary glass vial. Only 350 bottles of each scent from collection were made.

BPAL’s Description: It’s always a bit weird with family. A scant two-hundred years old, there doesn’t seem to be anything that roots Ava to her past. Her scent is utterly contemporary, and, like her personality, it is impulsive, capricious, and dangerous. Voluptuous and brittle, lovely and toxic:  sheer vanilla musk with tuberose, red mandarin, and the sweet poison of white almond.

My Thoughts: Like they described, it’s a very contemporary scent. It has a very slight citrus scent which comes from the red mandarin, and you can also smell a hint of that tuberose and a small hint of the vanilla musk. It’s definitely the younger sister of Eve (like in the movie) where it ALMOST has that hint of ancientness, but is definitely more modern. It has a citrus finish and I feel that a tiny bit of this would be just enough as the scent is much stronger than Eve.


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