Super Hero Inspirational Look Poll #7 (The Women of The Avengers Edition)

Voting Ends 9/4! 

Squirrel Girl
Spider Woman
Jewel aka Jessica Jones










*Note: Squirrel Girl was included because she is currently serving as the nanny of Jessica Jones’ (Jewel) and Luke Cage’s (Power Man) baby while they serve on the New Avengers 😛 (and I adore her! She beat Dr. Doom!)

lol (after she sparred with Wolverine)


Inheritance Cycle Dragons Collaborative Look with Ronnie from Bows and Curtseys!

I found Ronnie via Beautylish a month or two ago and instantly fell in love with her make up skills! She does the most gorgeous looks and I noticed that she had even done some based off some novels. I thought “Hey! She does stuff based off fantasy novels and that’s similar to what I do! I wonder if she’d like to collaborate with me!” And so I sent her a lil email. Luckily she’s super awesome and agreed and we’ve been talking to each other ever since! 🙂 We picked the Eragon/Inheritance Cycle dragons because 1. It’s up our alleys, and 2. The book covers have the awesome dragons on the cover and were great for visual reference. (And yes, I have read them and will read the last one coming out in November called Inheritance :P)

And so began the birth of our collaboration! You can follow Ronnie’s beautiful work at And here is a little sample of what her part of the collaboration looked like!

Thank you Ronnie for collaborating with me! You were so fun to work with and we totally have to do this again sometime! You’re so talented, lovely, and a awesome gal! 😀 ❤ ya girl!!

And so I bring to you, my part of the collaboration! I did one super crazy not so wearable look with Greenie (the fan name for the Green dragon that hasn’t been born yet)  His name has been revealed to be Fírnen and one slightly more wearable for Thorn. Because Greenie Fírnen was so detailed, I’m not going to put where I used each product, as I don’t remember exactly where I put what! But I will list the products I used for both! Enjoy!!

((ALERT: Super pic heavy blog post! :D))