About Me

My name is Dawnielle (or Dawn/Siryn, either is fine 🙂 ) and I’m an avid comic book reader, anime watcher, and video game player. I’m also a working freelance makeup artist (hire me!). I’m self taught and haven’t had any formal training for it. I have a great love of make up and I wanted to make this a place my fellow fangirls/geeks/nerds could come and share their love of make up with me as well.

Siryn/Banshee/The Morrigan

My nick name, Siryn, came from my favorite super hero EVER (that’s her above!). Siryn/Banshee/The Morrigan from Marvel’s X-Men family. Her first appearance was April 1981, just like me lol, in Spider-Woman #37 (yes I own the issue and it’s in a protective plastic casing!). I’ve been in love with her since I first discovered her around the age of 13 and for some reason I just loved her to pieces. I’ve been using the nick name since I first got on the internet (late 90s!) and it’s kind of stuck and transitioned into my real life as well.  I collect every piece of merchandise that is of her (Come out with a statue PLEASE!) and used to buy all the original comic book artist pages from the comics with her on it or featuring her. I own the actual cover to X-Force #91 (original series) 🙂 . I’m hardcore haha.

I own the original art for this! 😀

I graduated from the Art Institute with a Bachelor’s in Web Design and Interactive Media. I mainly focus on the Interactive Media part which has me doing Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Sound Design and Filmmaking. I wasn’t too swift with the web design part as I’m not really much of a code writer. I know enough to get by 🙂

I’ve been reading comics since I was 12 years old, with my biggest love being Marvel Comics, the X-Men books/teams in particular. I also read Vertigo comics.

And lastly, I’m a co-host of the  Full Stream Radio weekly podcast!


Makeup by a Geek Girl, for Geeks! Celebrating comic books, anime, manga, video games, etc through makeup!

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